• Teen Stress is Real--Hyland's Safe & Natural Can Help!
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    Teen Stress is Real–Hyland’s Safe & Natural Can Help!

    You are probably already familiar with Hyland’s making safe and natural medicines since 1903.  They are thrilled to introduce their teen line. Let’s face it. Teens are going through one of the roughest patches of their lives. Hyland’s Young Adult line was created to address the challenges teens face so they can get back to being their best self.  (Hyland’s products are sold at CVS, Amazon, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Whole Foods and more). I was pretty excited when I got these for Hailey to try out and let me know what she thought of them. The “moon” and “serene” worked the best for her. Serene helps more with anxiety and and…

  • Best Workouts for When You’re Sick
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    Best Workouts for When You’re Sick

    Being sick is never fun, but it’s even worse when you’re a devoted fitness aficionado. Feeling a little ill can mean needing a few days off, but skipping a workout could throw your routine all out of whack. So if you’re feeling a little sniffly but still wanna get back on the fitness saddle, here are some ways you can exercise when you’re sick. Walking or Jogging I get it, being stuck inside isn’t fun, and lying in bed all day can actually make you feel worse. Although hitting the pavement for some sprints or going on a strenuous 10-mile hike probably isn’t a great idea, some light walking or…

  • Be Prepared for Cold + Flu Season with these 3 Tips
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    Be Prepared for Cold + Flu Season with these 3 Tips

    Are you prepared for Cold & Flu Season? It’s been a weird winter in North Carolina, we have had a lot of 70s and in that same week it can be under 20 degrees. With Hailey in High School and I work as a chef at Elon University, we deal with lots of people. If we can try to keep the germs at bay, it goes a long way in being prepared for sickness. It’s pretty crazy if you ask me, but that only means one thing, SICKNESS! You can’t completely block out getting sick, however you can do these 3 simple tips to be prepared for Cold & Flu…

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    3 Self Care Tips with Aubert & Amandine Candles

    This post is sponsored by Aubert & Amandine Candles. All thoughts are 100% my own. Self care is important for your physical health as well as your mind, soul and, let’s face it, your overall health. Without self-care, your relationships with others can suffer tremendously. You don’t need over the top luxurious vacation and activities to have a successful self care day. The smallest things can go a long way toward a totally amazing self care day. Aubert & Amandine’s fragrance products are designed with beauty and luxury in mind; beautiful, premium quality products that work well. Featuring sophisticated designs for the discriminating buyers that are both beautiful and practical. Anyone…

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    National American Heart Month with MouthWatchers

    This is a sponsored post by MouthWatchers.  If you’re not aware, Febuary is American Heart Month. Many studies have shown that there are links between oral health and heart health go hand in hand. Poor oral health can cause heart attacks, as bacteria in your mouth travels into your blood stream and can cause blood clots/lead to cardiovascular disease. An easy way to promote better heart health is to focus on a healthy mouth. Did you know? Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. Every year, 1 in 4 deaths are caused by heart disease. How can we make a difference?  We can use this…

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    CariPRO Ultrasonic Electronic Toothbrush + Giveaway

    This is a sponosred by Smile Brilliant. #smilefearlessly After I used Smile Brillant‘s new capriPro Ultrasonic electric toothbrush and after using it for two weeks, there’s no way I am going back to my traditional toothbrush. The capriPro Ultrasonic electric toothbrush removes 7x more plaque than a manual toothbrush. Improve gum health in as little as 2 weeks. Daily brushing with your cariPRO will remove more surface stains from everyday food and drink, giving you a noticeably brighter smile. The electric toothbrush was 5 settings and they are clean, white, massage, gum care & sensitive. The first setting is Clean mode, this is your standard cleaning mode. The second mode is White, this…