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    Easter Target Haul 2013 | #TargetHaul

    First off, I’m going to Target next year for Easter, screw Walmart.. Target always has better stuff wise.. there was no cake mix like there usually is, then again I didn’t check baking section, sometimes they have it there. I still wanted to check Walmart, CVS and/or Wall-greens, but didn’t make it, maybe tomorrow. We shall see. Down to the goods.. This was a mix of 70% everything, except the candy was only 50% off.1 – Jello Jigglers Mold Kit – was $9.27 & on sale $1.54 2. Bunny Marshmallows – was $3.57 & on sale $.59 3. Mini Eggs – was $3.17 & on sale $1.59 4. Minnie Mouse Pen…