• Saving Money with Ebates, Groupon & LivingSocial

    Saving Money with Ebates, Groupon & LivingSocial

    It being tax return season, well if you’re anything let me who did theirs early, I already got my return, get to feel rich for a little bit.. Actually, I had to split the earnings with the ex, lol.. But anyways, we always went crazy with it. This time around, I want to actually get stuff we need and get the kids some great birthday & Christmas gifts, so when their birthdays and Christmas come around and I’m feeling all broke and junk, we all know the feeling. So let me share with you some really awesome sites & deals where you can earn money & get cash back online!…

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    Get your Bluum box for $12.47 NOW!

    I just verified this code is working – use coupon code PAMPERS to save 50% off your first month of Bluum! (That brings the cost down to only $12.47 for your first box!) And if you just want to test out Bluum without committing to the monthly subscription, this works on gift subscriptions too – just gift yourself one month! I already order my first box with this code to test it out for Jacob! I will post a review when it gets here! I’ve heard nothing but good news from this company! This post may contain affiliate/referral links.

  • Easter Target Haul 2013 | Utterly-Amazing.com

    Easter Target Haul 2013 | #TargetHaul

    First off, I’m going to Target next year for Easter, screw Walmart.. Target always has better stuff wise.. there was no cake mix like there usually is, then again I didn’t check baking section, sometimes they have it there. I still wanted to check Walmart, CVS and/or Wall-greens, but didn’t make it, maybe tomorrow. We shall see. Down to the goods.. This was a mix of 70% everything, except the candy was only 50% off.1 – Jello Jigglers Mold Kit – was $9.27 & on sale $1.54 2. Bunny Marshmallows – was $3.57 & on sale $.59 3. Mini Eggs – was $3.17 & on sale $1.59 4. Minnie Mouse Pen…