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    Overcomer is inspiring, convicting and much-needed movie

    If you have seen War Room, Facing The Giants and Fireproof – You need to see Overcomer, if you haven’t seen it yet, I totally recommend it. I think it’s my favorite movie so far from the Kendrick Brothers.  Overcomer is entertaining. It’s engaging. It’s funny. It’s convicting. It’s inspiring. It has the right pace. It has a solid cast. Most importantly, it has a Gospel-centric message that aims at your heart and soul. I bawled my eyes out throughout the whole movie. I went to see it with a friend, we were both crying. Overcomer, like all Kendrick movies, has a biblical theme. Its promotional materials ask the question: What do…

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    14 Totally Worth Watching Kid Friendly Netflix Movies

    Who said kid friendly Netflix movies are just for kids? There’s a number of movies that I’ll totally binge without kids near by. Here are a few of my favorite movies on Netflix that are kid friendly. It’s summer time, what else do you plan on doing with your free time? Netflix binge for the win! Which kid friendly Netflix movies are your favorite?

  • God Bless You and Good Night | Children's Book Review

    God Bless You and Good Night | Children’s Book Review

    We just recently got a chance to read God Bless You and Good Night, which happens to be one of my favorites board books now. One of my kids favorite things to do when they’re visiting me over whatever break we’re currently on for that time is to read children’s books. It made it more special when my oldest son was reading it to my younger two children. The words and illustrations alike are perfectly matched to capture young minds and keep the little ones engaged. The bestselling God Bless You and Good Night has sold more than a quarter of a million copies as a board book, and this beautiful…

  • Poppy & the Brass Band | Poppy & the Orchestra

    Go On A Musical Adventure With Poppy & the Brass Band | Poppy & the Orchestra

    When I stumbled across Poppy & the Brass Band and Poppy & the Orchestra — they keep the kids entertained for a few hours, so I can have 5 minutes to myself. After my divorce, I had to completely restart the book collection I had for my kids. I’m always looking for new and exciting books for the kids to read to each other. I totally lucked out with kids who LOVE to read, I can’t be more proud.   Poppy and the Brass Band – $12.58 Go on a musical adventure to the circus with an adorable pup named Poppy. Poppy and the Brass Band takes kids on an adventure with Poppy she meets new friends who introduce…

  • 2017 Recap With Awesome Concerts, Travels & Tattoos
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    2017 Recap With Awesome Concerts, Travels & Tattoos

    Here’s my 2017 Recap, I think it was a pretty fun year to be honest, there were a few hick-ups, other than that, it was a blast! Goals for 2017 was to save money and buy a car and get a place to live. What did I do in 2017? Get tattoos, take epic road trips & go to a few concerts, met some musicians and lived life to the fullest. Do I regret it? NEVER! In January… We had the kids for Christmas & New Years, but had to take them back on January 1st. I wouldn’t see them again until Summer Break, besides Skype chats here and there.…

  • Cornhole Boards Can be Fun for the Whole Family

    Cornhole Boards Can be Fun for the Whole Family

    The American Cornhole Association (ACA) has heard many stories from Cornhole players who purchased low quality Cornhole boards and regretted it, so we decided to partner with someone to offer the highest quality boards on the market. The ACA has one mission: to help Cornhole players enjoy the game of Cornhole.  One of the most important ways to achieve this goal is for people to have high quality equipment to play on.  The ACA staff personally tested dozens of Cornhole boards and made an arrangement to provide what we believe to be the highest quality boards on the market. The Cornhole boards are made with a 5/8’ Baltic Birch Plywood…