Bucket List Goals for 2017 | New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me.

Everyone always throws around that quote until we all give up on our goals for the year. How often do you stick with what your goals for the next year? I try to make my bucket list goals something I can actually get done. I tend to make realistic goals that I know that if I put the effort into them that I can get them done. I like to make monthly goals for myself, if you took a look at my laptop screen, you would see all the sticky notes of to-do list I want to get done. There’s still a few I want to finish from December, lol. I could of sworn I had a post for goals for 2016, but I have no idea where the post went to, but here’s a post about making new beginnings.

Bucket List Goals for 2017 | New Year, New Me

Blog Goals

  • Get 5,000 views on the blog
  • Earn $500 a month
  • Post 3 posts a week
  • Focus on Pinterest & Instagram to gain followers
  • Attend a blog conference
  • Become an ambassador for a company

Etsy Shop Goals

  • Collaborate with 2 bloggers with digital prints
  • Add 2 digital prints a week or 10 a month
  • Earn $500 a month
  • Start an affiliate program
  • Have an Instagram giveaway with other Etsy owners

Bucket List – Things To Do In 2017

  • take a train ride
  • fly on a plane
  • visit 5 other states
  • get a tattoo (or two)
  • meet someone famous
  • go to 5 concerts
  • make new friends
  • learn something new
  • change someone’s life
  • buy a car
  • learn to swim
  • buy a place to live
  • get a better job
  • go back to school
  • learn to play guitar
  • vlog on YouTube more
  • go to a football game
  • learn a new talent
  • join a bible study group
  • volunteer at church
  • road trip to the beach
  • read one book a month

What are your bucket list goals for 2017?

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