How to Find Inspiration for Blog Posts – Plus 20+ Blog Post Ideas

How to Find Inspiration for Blog Posts – Plus 20+ Blog Post Ideas

If you have been blogging for awhile, you know the struggle of getting stuck when it comes to creating new blog post ideas. Have you ever felt unmotivated or lost your inspiration to write a new blog post? You’re not alone, it happens to everyone. I want to share with you 7 great ideas for bringing your blog back to life or getting over that stuck moment on your blog. Let me know if these topics help, I’m rooting for you from the side lines.

How to Find Inspiration for Blog Posts – Plus 20+ Blog Post Ideas

Gift Guides

This is my normal go to when it comes to making creative blog posts. Last year, me and a few bloggers got together every Friday and made a gift guide with a different theme each time, it was a blast. I need to start that back up, now I just do the major holidays which is fun. I’ll have brands contact me about adding their products or I would reach out to them. So last fall, I created this pretty epic Back-to-School dorm gift guide list.

Test Something

Try out a new product, take pictures and share your thoughts on the product. Make sure to share it across social media and tag the brand, they love stuff like that. That’s how I started as a review blog and turned it into the lifestyle blog it is today. I believe the last product I tried was this Teeth Whitening Kit.

Do It Yourself With Your Product

Do you have a business with products that can be used for something else? Like I make digital prints, so a bunch of my digital goods are good for t-shirts. So I made this epic at home iron-on t-shirt tutorial and it’s my main traffic to the blog.

Guest Posts

I have friends all over the world with all types of jobs, I reached out a few months ago if anyone wanted to make a guest post. I’m pretty lucky to have a friend that works at Disney, so she put together this lovely Instagram worthy Dsney walls to check out.

DIY Tutorials

people love DIY projects! They do really well on Pinterest, I have so many do it yourself tutorials saved to try and I love sharing them big or small with my readers or anyone willing to listen. One of my favorite DIY Projects was this Glitter Dipped Wine Glasses, that I made with my friend.

Sharing A Topic That You Can Relate To

Sometimes sharing a personal topic is a way to learn to move on to something that’s holding you back. For me, when I got a divorce, sharing what was relatable at the moment was a way I was able to heal from the past and move on to something better. I had a few people reach out to me, to tell me my post helped them heal and that was a pretty amazing feeling.

Food, Glorious Food 

Recipes, simple as that. Try something new or share a family favorite. Summer time, I normally like to try kid friendly recipes, like this Fried Oreos I made with the kids.

Here’s 22 blog post ideas to get you out of the stuck:

  1. What’s in your handbag, backpack, or gym bag.
  2. What’s on your playlist : road trips, for the gym, girls night, etc.
  3. A roundup of your favorite blog posts from other bloggers.
  4. Share your latest shopping haul.
  5. A list of your favorite podcasts.
  6. An interview with someone that inspires you.
  7. A tour of where you live. Take pictures & show off your place stops.
  8. Kitchen gadgets you can and can’t live without.
  9. A step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve a specific look.
  10. How to dress for your body shape.
  11. Your daily skincare routine.
  12. Your travel bucket list (cross out the places you been & tag a post for that location).
  13. Share places to check out while on a trip.
  14. A step-by-step on setting up a website.
  15. Resource post (where to get the best stock pictures)
  16. Share your mental health story.
  17. A roundup of your favorite books with affiliate links.
  18. Tips on self care.
  19. How to improve your credit score.
  20. Finding photo props on a budget.
  21. Things you wish you new before visiting new places.
  22. A guide to travelling safely.

What’s your go to blog post ideas when you’re in the STUCK?

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