• 10+ Pretty Epic For Her Gift Ideas | #GiftGuide2019
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    10+ Pretty Epic For Her Gift Ideas | #GiftGuide2019

    This is a mix of products that I’ve tried this year and I think are pretty amazing and you should check out if you haven’t already! I wouldn’t recommend anything I haven’t tried myself yet. Wine Condoms |#ScrewTheCork Wine Condoms are the original innovators of the edgy wine bottle stopper that has created a worldwide phenomenon! Packaged and applied like a condom, this spill proof solution to storing an opened bottle of wine is the safest and most effective product for preventing unplanned spillage.  Unlike corks or decorative stoppers, Wine Condoms seal flush with the rim for easier fridge shelf storage.  Wine Condoms are made from 100% food grade latex rubber…

  • 10 Must Have Card Games Ideas For Game Night | #GiftGuide2019
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    10 Must Have Card Games Ideas For Game Night | #GiftGuide2019

    Back before everything was tech-friendly, have a game board night was a thing we did as kids. But now they have more card games and my friends and I like doing get togethers throughout the year and pulling them out and having a blast. Some of these are kid friendly, but not all of these are, just a heads up. There’s quite a lot of games I saw at Target, I want to wait til Black Friday to go get, lol. The struggle of being a kid at heart. Llama Unleashed Unstable Unicorns Shit Happens True Colors Sip It Party Cards Against Humanity Watch Your Mouth Runes & Regulations Base…

  • Be Prepared for Cold + Flu Season with these 3 Tips
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    Be Prepared for Cold + Flu Season with these 3 Tips

    Are you prepared for Cold & Flu Season? It’s been a weird winter in North Carolina, we have had a lot of 70s and in that same week it can be under 20 degrees. With Hailey in High School and I work as a chef at Elon University, we deal with lots of people. If we can try to keep the germs at bay, it goes a long way in being prepared for sickness. It’s pretty crazy if you ask me, but that only means one thing, SICKNESS! You can’t completely block out getting sick, however you can do these 3 simple tips to be prepared for Cold & Flu…

  • FarmFresh System™ From Bosch at Best Buy #BoschHome

    FarmFresh System™ From Bosch at Best Buy

    When you get older, you get more excited about appliances for the house, but the FarmFresh System from Bosch found at Best Buy, is cooler then slice bread. The revolutionary FarmFresh System™ combines four innovative technologies to keep your food fresh up to 3x longer, for less food wasted.* The new FarmFresh System™ uses four innovative freshness technologies to keep your food fresher, longer: VitaFreshPro™ offers preset settings that automatically balance BOTH temperature and humidity FreshProtect™absorbs naturally occurring ethylene to slow ripening, so produce stays fresher, longer. MultiAirFlow™ evenly circulates cool, fresh air to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the entire fridge cavity, from the door bins to back corners. AirFresh®…

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    Weekend Adventures in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

    I went to Myrtle Beach for the first time ever in my life. Which is really odd if you live in the south, because everyone goes there a few times a year. Like if I want to go to a beach, I’m going to Topsail on the NC coast, where I have family. However for my friend, Heather’s birthday we went for a girl’s weekend. The trip overall was amazing, minus the horrible “hotel” we got through Hotel Tonight. I’ll save that for last. We also went the same weekend, there was a tropical storm going through, so it basically rained the WHOLE TIME. Now there’s only a gift shop…

  • Relationships

    Loving Someone Who Isnt Ready To Be Loved

    No matter how good of a woman you are, you will never be good enough for a man who isn’t ready. I’ve been single since my divorce back in 2015, I know that’s a long time, it took me a long time to love myself again. I had a lot of things that I had to learn to love myself, before I could love another person. So when I started talking to you, we already had a lot of things in common, which was awesome. I never really dated someone younger then me before, but I was willing to give it a try, what could go wrong I asked myself.…