• 3 Ways Forgiveness Will Change Your Life Forever

    3 Ways Forgiveness Will Change Your Life Forever

    What is forgiveness? The action or process of forgiving or being forgiven. Sounds easy right? What if I told you, it wasn’t that easy. I’ve had my struggles with it, I won’t lie to you. But what if I told you, I found so much freedom in forgiveness. It didn’t just happen one day, there was a lot of faith searching that I had to do before I got to a place where I was completely broken and the only way to free myself of that burden was to forgive that person. In Genesis 42 – 45 — Joseph talks about how he forgives his brothers for what they did…

  • Faith

    Forgiveness is Freedom

    For the longest time I had a hard time with forgiveness. My heart was filled with so much bitterness toward my ex husband and his girlfriend. But the sooner I learned, there was nothing I could do about the situation. I knew I wasn’t going to have either of hem ask for forgiveness, because they didn’t think they did anything wrong. Instead, last summer, I asked God to take it. I forgave my ex-husband. I forgave him for all the emotional abuse, verbal abuse, the hateful words, emails everything. I forgave him for all the hurt he put me through. I don’t want to say as soon as I did,…

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    I am A Non-Custodial Parent, I’m Not A Horrible Person

    I am a non-custodian parent. A non-custodial parent is a parent who does not have physical custody of his or her children. It should be noted, however, that it’s possible for a non-custodial parent to have legal custody, even though he or she does not have physical custody. This following post isn’t a “oh pity me” post, but a learning tool to share with your friends and family or just total strangers who don’t understand why you don’t have custody of your children. Now when you think non custodian parent, you think of the dad right? well, what if I told you there’s that 10% of mothers who don’t have custody of their children. Now we’re not…

  • 7 Things I Learned From Hitting Rock Bottom & Survived

    7 Things I Learned From Hitting Rock Bottom & Survived

    Have you hit rock bottom in your life? Don’t worry you’re not alone. There’s not enough Pinterest memes to describe what it feels like to hit rock bottom. Let’s face it, life isn’t perfect. But when you have fallen apart at rock bottom, that’s when you take those pieces and piece yourself back together. Like re-programming yourself to work differently. Does that make sense? “Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom in order to self-reflect and rebuild yourself. Hitting rock bottom is a wake-up call that something you’re doing in your life is not good for you. It’s a sign that you need to stop, breathe and make some serious…

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    My Life Currently | #LateNightThoughts

    I would like to think, I have my life together right now. But that would be a lie, not only to myself but those around me. I like to pretend I have everything together, but that’s also a lie. Life is just happening around me and I am stuck. Not sure exactly what I’m stuck at or doing, but I am not moving forward nor moving backwards. I am just at a standstill watching life past me by. These are the thoughts I have in the wee hours, so what better to make these #LateNightThoughts.

  • 10 Lessons I've Learned About Pain And Heartbreak

    10 Lessons I’ve Learned About Pain And Heartbreak

    They say you learn a lot through pain and heartbreaks. This can’t be more true! I wanted to make this post last year, but just didn’t feel like it was the right time. So here’s 10 lessons I’ve learned about pain and heartbreak. I don’t want to say that I’m the master of pain, struggles and heartbreaks, but I could definitely write a book about it. Pain & struggles come in all different sizes, in waves,  sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. What the last 5 years have taught me was.. You can learn from your pains, struggles, heartbreaks and mistakes. It’s up to you how you handle those. I…