8 Must Read St Patrick's Day Kid Books

8 Must Read St Patrick’s Day Kid Books

It’s best to get your children into reading at a smaller age than waiting til they get older, when reading becomes, “boring”. I know because I used to say that, but most recently I’ve became an active reader. Hailey & Jr who are 10 and 7 years old really love reading books to themselves and their younger siblings, Jacob & Hannah who are 4 and almost 2 years old. I love that my kids are such great readers and have a simple love for books. So here’s 8 Must Read St Patrick’s Day Kid Books, that I have picked out for them to order.

8 Must Read St Patrick's Day Kid Books

Green Shamrocks $6.99

Rabbit is growing shamrocks in a pretty yellow pot–he’s getting them ready for St. Patrick’s Day so he can wear them for the parade! When his pot of beautiful green shamrocks goes missing, he goes searching . . . will he find them in time?

A Berry Lucky St. Patrick’s Day $4.22

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this special St. Patty’s-themed 8×8 featuring Strawberry Shortcake and all her friends and a berry lucky four-leaf clover!

The Luckiest St. Patrick’s Day Ever $4.89

Share in this leprechaun family’s charming St. Patrick’s Day celebration, complete with a fun parade and an Irish feast! Top o’ the morning! It’s March 17th, and the Leprechauns are gathered for their favorite day of the year. Join them as they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with music, dancing, and a parade!

The Story of Saint Patrick’s Day $10.99

The story begins with the traditional symbols of the day that are often found in schoolrooms, such as shamrocks, harps, and leprechauns. Then the narrative moves to a short biography of Saint Patrick himself: as a shepherd, as a missionary, and as a teacher. This colorfull boardbook ties together the live of Patrick with the traditional images of Ireland.

The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day $3.99

Natasha Wing puts an Irish twist on a Christmas classic. It’s the night before St. Patrick’s Day, and Tim and Maureen are wide awake setting traps to catch a leprechaun! When they wake the next morning to the sound of their dad playing the bagpipes and the smell of their mom cooking green eggs, they’re shocked to find that they’ve actually caught a leprechaun. But will they be able to find his pot of gold?

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover! $6.00

There was an Old Lady who swallowed things over and over, and now she’s come back to swallow a clover! She’s back! That lovely old lady has returned just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Now she’s swallowing items to make the perfect rainbow to hide a pot of gold.

Ten Lucky Leprechauns $3.55

Fiddle-de-fizz, ’tis magic, it is! When leprechauns find each other. Count from one to ten as one little leprechaun looking for treasure magically becomes ten silly leprechaun friends at the end of the rainbow! A humorous, rhyming celebration of St. Patrick’s Day!

Hooray for St. Patrick’s Day! $6.99

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, and time to join in the celebration. Children can lift the flaps for interactive fun as they see the children in this book make holiday crafts, taste traditional Irish food, perform a play about Saint Patrick, and even march in a Saint Patrick’s Day parade. As an added bonus, they can search for the hidden leprechaun on each spread. A great way for young readers to learn about and enjoy the holiday.

Do you own any of these books? What’s your favorite St Patrick’s Day Book?

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  • rochkirstin

    Reading is really a good habit for children to get. Having supportive parents helps. These books seem interesting and entertaining for kids as they learn about St. Patrick’s Day and have fun at the same time!

  • brook devis

    I am 25 years old but i love to read book for kids until now. Its a fabolour feeling to finish a small little book in just few hours or few days 😀 i have read some of those but other i think am gonna take from library and read them.Book are my best partners in my free time. Thank you for this great post

  • Alli

    I always try to buy my grands books on every occasion because they love to read about as much as I do. I just realized that I’ve never bought them a St. Patrick’s book and I love that you listed the prices AND that they are all very reasonably priced.

  • growingupmomma

    Love this list! We have the Night Before St. Patrick’s Day and a Berry Lucky Saint Patrick’s Day- we usually read them both in the morning of St. Patrick’s day while eating some homemade corned beef hash- yum! I love having different books for each holiday- it’s something my daughter really looks forward to each year and I love that we have this little traditions for each celebration 🙂

  • Courtney

    Ok I am so glad I saw this!! I was just looking online last night for both St.Pattys day & Easter books for my princess!!! St.pattys books are kinda hard to find -_- definitely going to be googling some of these you listed here this afternoon:)

  • Jenny J

    I will have to look for these!! All three of my kids love to read. The Old Lady books are a hit with all three of them. I love how they keep coming out with different ones for her with the holidays!

  • Breanna

    As a teacher, I agree with this post wholeheartedly! It is so important to read to children from the get-go – we read to both of our boys in the womb and read every night before bed, and lots during the day, too! 🙂 These are all great book suggestions! We have a few of them from the list with “There Was an Old Lady…” being one of our favorites! It’s a great book to teach sequencing, and there are lots of variations for all holidays or themes! Great post!

  • Lauren R

    I really need to get some good books for my son during the holidays. I have absolutely none right now! These books look really awesome, and I’m totally going to get some!

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