50 Songs You Need To Add To Your Road Trip Playlist

There’s two types of people in this world, people who are quiet in the car while the music plays or people who roll down the windows and sing their heart out. If you’re not singing your heart out and making up dance moves to the songs, that’s not the kind of negatively I need in my life, haha! It doesn’t matter if you have a good singing voice or not, sing your little heart out. Though my playlist has like over 3,000 songs, I’m going to give you 50 songs you should add to your road trip playlist below…

50 Songs You Need To Add To Your Road Trip Playlist

There all kinds of road trips, there’s the out of state trips, in state trips or going to the store. My friends and I are forever jamming to something. Normally with my sister, Debbie, it’s a mix of Bo Burnham and punk rock music. When I am with my friends Nic or Stephen it’s a mix of everything honestly. I finally got them hooked on listening to Tyler Ward when we take trips to Virginia. There’s anything from country to emo punk, christian to gangsta music. We honestly listen to anything and everything in between.

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Lately we have been taking a lot of trips to Virginia to see family, the kids or something court related, normally court related. Day trips are the best though, you don’t even really have to go far. Going to Greensboro or just driving around being with people is great. I remember when my depression was pretty bad and I just didn’t leave the house. Now when I feel an episode coming on, I call up my friends and I’m like, “Let’s drive, I got gas..” Even if it’s just around town, grabbing some Sheetz and just singing.

50 Songs You Need To Add To Your Road Trip Playlist

Here’s 50 of my favorite songs to play in the car, now I have a playlist for everything on Amazon and Spotify, depending on if we’re taking back roads or not it’s one or the other playlist. Between them both, I have well over 5,000 songs in different playlist, crazy maybe. But I love music, music heals the soul. Different music for different moods. Picking 50 songs is hard to do, here’s a playlist I plan on using next Saturday when we go pick up the kids!

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Now being the fact that I don’t have a car currently, getting around can be a real pain. Let’s pretend for a moment that I do have a car and there was a company that would let you rent your car to other people in the area. It’s also a nice way to have a side hustle. Sounds like a good deal right? Well you’re in luck, it’s called Turo!

50 Songs You Need To Add To Your Road Trip Playlist

It’s totally free to list your cars, there’s no monthly fee or anything! Your car is covered by their $1 million insurance policy and they’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. Skip the lines at the rental counter — many Turo owners offer delivery to airports around the country. You can also pick-up a car for free from the airport! That within itself is a win-win. Some of the people that rent out their cars for people, leave CDs or a custom playlist for their rentee to listen to for the length of the time they have the car. As a peer-to-peer car rental company, the people at Turo truly hold dear to those personal touches.

50 Songs You Need To Add To Your Road Trip Playlist

What’s your must have song for a road trip?

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