5 Magical Unicorn Gift Guide Must Haves | #FiveFavoriteFriday
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5 Magical Unicorn Gift Guide Must Haves | #FiveFavoriteFriday

We’re kicking off the #FiveFavoriteFriday this week’s theme is your favorite animal. I don’t care what you say, unicorns are totally animals, lol. Here are 5 magical unicorn gift guide must haves for any unicorn lover to have in their life. We won’t talk about the over 20 items I have on my Amazon wishlist currently. If you’re curious to the other unicorn goodies, here’s the wishlist.

5 Magical Unicorn Gift Guide Must Haves | #FiveFavoriteFriday

5 Magical Unicorn Must Haves

1. Reasons to Be A Unicorn Mug This funniest saying mug is a great way to start the day. It has a large handle that’s easy to hold and comes in 11 oz sizes.

2. Potty Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray – Unlike other toilet sprays, Unicorn Gold fights the stench both above and below the splash line, leaving your throne and your throne chambers—smelling cleaner than a unicorn’s whistle.

3. Unicorn Print Infinity Women’s Scarf – This unicorn horse print infinity women scarf is very comfortable to wear, soft and adds perfection to your clothing.

4. Be a Unicorn Box Sign – Signs are made of wood with smooth sanded edges and deep sides which allow them to sit freely on a flat surface or hang on the wall. The slightly distressed letter design gives them a vintage look.

5.  Unicorn Ballpoint Pen – Make your memos more mystical with our magical unicorn pen. The white unicorn has a multicolored tail and mane and will stand proudly on your desk.

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