5 Fantastic Covers of Zayn – Pillowtalk | #MusicMonday

It’s Monday again – this song has been out for awhile.. I just love this song. The original song is sung by Zayn Malik (the guy that left One Direction). The lyrics itself pretty much sums up what the song is about, lol. Here’s 5 of my favorite covers of Zayn – Pillowtalk. The first one has a bonus remix, it’s awesome! Check out these awesome YouTubers 🙂 You can thank me later!

5 Fantastic Covers of Zayn - Pillowtalk | #MusicMonday

“The bed’s a funny place, you know… you could be lying right next to someone and either feel like it’s the closest you ever been to a person or they could feel a million miles away.. As we lay wide awake, different day same mistakes, full of thoughts full of words. That we ain’t brave enough to just say.  Tell me why the ones you fill with your love, are the same ones that fill you with hate. Why is it the easiest things you can feel, seem to be the hardest things you can say?”

5 Fantastic Covers of Zayn – Pillowtalk | #MusicMonday

Conor Maynard

Leroy Sanchez

Danny Padilla

Boyce Avenue

Jake Miller

Which cover of Zayn – Pillowtalk was your favorite?

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