2018 Year in Review {with pictures}

It’s December 31, 2018, which means it’s time for the 2018 Year in Review with pictures. A year filled of making memories, making friends and…


It’s December 31, 2018, which means it’s time for the 2018 Year in Review with pictures. A year filled of making memories, making friends and enjoying life to the fullest. Here’s a look back on 2017 recap.

A look back on to 2018 year in review with pictures.


  • Rang in the New Year with friends, alcohol and games. Which honestly has to be one of the best ways to do it.
  • Turned 32 on January 30th.

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  • Hannah turned 7 on Feb 9th & Mom had her birthday on the 11th.
  • Feb 15 is Galentine’s Day and it was spent with a bunch of lovely ladies.
  • Mom had her breast cancer surgery on Feb 19. She got it removed and was able to keep her breast.

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  • Debbie & I go to see Jason Mraz for her birthday – 3rd row! It was breathe taking.
  • Heather & I went to see Eli Young Band and were the ONLY ONES who bought a meet & greet. YES!
  • We got the kids for Easter Break.
  • Krissy & I went on our first bar crawl, which turns into the first of many.

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  • We go to our friend’s wedding – so beautiful!
  • I run/walk a 5k with my friend Krissy, finish under 45 minutes.
  • Hailey graduates 8th grade, I officially have a high schooler. #ImOldNow

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  • I learned I lost one of my co-workers at my job, he was a really great guy and was a great manager. RIP Anton.
  • Jacob turned 5 on the 5th.
  • We got the kids on June 11th for summer break.
  • We went to the Splash Park & Swimming Pool A LOT!

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  • Went to the park with the kids 4th of July to fun stuff & fireworks.
  • The GHS Class of 2004 decided to do a get together, I haven’t seen most of them since we left HS.
  • Took a family trip to the coast, went to the beach, Wilmington, NC to see the battleship and such.
  • Our childhood friend was going off to basics for the Army, so we had a farewell party.

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  • We still went to the pool a lot before summer ended.
  • We had A LOT of rain, so sunny days meant spending it with the kids.
  • Hailey chopped off all her hair for school. It totally looks perfect on her.
  • Started my 2nd year at Elon Campus Dining.
  • Heather & I went to a Back to School Bar Crawl.

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  • I went to my first Globetrotters event at Elon.
  • Hailey was in her 1st theatre play. She had 2 parts in the Fairy Tale CSI edition. HILARIOUS!
  • We got the kids for Thanksgiving Break.

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What was the most exciting thing you did in 2018?



  1. Looks like you had an awesome year! The most exciting thing we did last year was enjoying a ride in a convertible during our Las Vegas vacation. Had a blast!

  2. I think this is totally awesome!! that you captured your whole year like this, Definitely a great idea for some wall hanging.

  3. Its nice to be able to recap the prior year. Gives you things to remember and re – enjoy. I think we all should write a few things in a book for each month. Think Im gonna start doing that .

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