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10 Things Never To Say To Someone With Insomnia


Here’s a list of 10 things you shouldn’t say to someone who has insomnia, you may get punched in the face, just saying… ha! I used to get full nights of sleep and have no problem with sleep. But with a number of issues I have currently, I’m in a love/hate relationship with sleep. On a normal night, I get about 3-5 hours if I sleep at all. Sometimes, I just don’t sleep for like 48 hours, crazy I know.

1.“Just take some melatonin!”
You know once you take the same stuff after awhile, your body just gets used to it & it stops working. I’ve tried all of the sleep aids, Zzzquil, PM everything, Melatonin, nothing works.


2. “I’m tired, I only got 10 hours of sleep..”
Please, please tell me more about your #lifeproblems . If not getting your solid 12 hours of sleep is your only problem in life. I hate you. Seriously, I get 4 hours of sleep, on a good night. Some nights, I don’t even go to sleep, because it’s not worth being more tired than I was to start with, with 1 hour of sleep.

3. “Just drink some sleepytime tea..”
Have you ever tried that stuff? smells like toilet water, I don’t drink those crazy teas, I drink sweet tea & green tea, anything else just is nasty. But yea, it doesn’t work.

4. “Man, you look really tired..”
Yea, no really? You don’t say?!?!

5. “Just close your eyes… relax..”
hahaha I’m gonna make you relax in a minute..

6.  “I had trouble falling asleep last night, too!”
Is not that I have trouble sleeping, It’s that I DON’T SLEEP! That’s my problem.

7. “As soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m out.”
You know what, stfu!

8. “I’m too busy to have insomnia..”
You, busy? me too, I don’t even know what I have to do, my body is always in zombie mode 24/7.

9. “At least you have more time to get stuff done..”
Yea, that’s right.. you know you need sleep to function right?

10. “You should have a beer..”
You know what, drinking doesn’t make me tired, it keeps me awake.. That makes more sense now that I think of it, lol. No one likes a sleepy drunk, haha

Do you have problems with insomnia or are you one of those lucky people who get to sleep at night with your solid 8?

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