10 Lessons I've Learned About Pain And Heartbreak

10 Lessons I’ve Learned About Pain And Heartbreak

10 Lessons I've Learned About Pain And Heartbreak

They say you learn a lot through pain and heartbreaks. This can’t be more true! I wanted to make this post last year, but just didn’t feel like it was the right time. So here’s 10 lessons I’ve learned about pain and heartbreak. I don’t want to say that I’m the master of pain, struggles and heartbreaks, but I could definitely write a book about it. Pain & struggles come in all different sizes, in waves,  sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. What the last 5 years have taught me was.. You can learn from your pains, struggles, heartbreaks and mistakes. It’s up to you how you handle those. I may not of handle them all currently the first time or second time. Lets face it, I didn’t handle it right most of the time. But in that, I have learned some great things along the way. It’s never easy. But an amazing friend once said, “God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.” She couldn’t be more right. The lessons we learn from pain, will always make us stronger.

10 Lessons I’ve Learned About Pain And Heartbreak

1) You are not alone. Sounds cheesy and simple right? Yea, but when you have all this pain and heartache out of no where. You feel alone, you are broken, everything you thought you had is gone. When I was going through those horrible things, I thought I was alone, no one loved me. Boy was I wrong, you are not alone. You are loved more than you know.

2) You need a support system. You need surround yourself with friends and family that WANT to support you, that WANT to show you that they LOVE you. That they are going to BE THERE through everything, the good times, the bad times. That’s the #1 thing you need. Without a good support system, you will spiral back int your wrong ways.

3) It’s okay to not be okay. Seriously, you are going through some serious pain, everyone handles pain and heartbreak different, how you handle yours, isn’t wrong. You are allowed to be sad, you are allowed to be angry. You are allowed to grieve, don’t hold it back.

4) Find a hobby or interests. Why you may ask. Because listen, you can’t lay around forever feeling sorry for yourself, you have to keep yourself busy. If you’re busy, you will not let that pain take over your life. I started blogging, blogging was my one thing I was good at, besides making graphics. I could blog about what was on my mind and my feelings all out. I felt better after that. You will have this hole, you need to fill that hole with positive things and not negative things. Exercising is a good stress reliever, put all your angry and sadness into working out. I lost 50lbs that way! Stay positive, because if you spiral, it’s hard to get out of that. TRUST ME!

5) Don’t let your pain define you. Don’t let your struggles, pains and heartbreak take over your life. Yes, what happened to you sucks and you did all you could. But you need to move on and do you!

6) Focus on Yourself. This is your time to focus on yourself. Get your hair did and nails done. Take a trip, find new things that make you happy. Finding happiness in things, is something I wish I learned sooner than I did. But I am glad, I did finally.

7) It will take time. There’s no set time on how long you’re suppose to take to yourself to heal. Some people heal quicker than others. So people show more emotions than others. Some people know what you’re going through, some will not know, but pretend they know.

8) Don’t rush dating again. If heartbreak is what you’re recovering from, dating again or just randomly seeing people to fill that hole someone else left you, isn’t the best idea. The right person will come when you’re really ready.  Think of it this way, be the person you want to find. Work on you, before you go looking for someone else. Love yourself, before you can give your love to someone new.

9) Forgiveness. Crazy right? 4 years of  a up and down relationship roller-coaster of the good the bad and the abusive. But being angry at someone isn’t going to fix anything. As soon as you’re able to truly FORGIVE that person, the easier it is to move on from them. Forgiveness is key. When I was able to forgive him, he no longer had power over me. I was free, forgiveness comes in freedom.

10) God is Good. Without God we are lost, simple as that. I was lost, but now I am found. When I was first hurt, I thought I was alone, but God was always there, I pushed him away. I thought before I had a failed marriage, but I had everything going wrong, God wouldn’t love me again. I was wrong, I am glad I finally broke down and asked God to help me, because we can’t do it alone. We need God and our friends/family with us to get through this.

So there’s 10 lessons I’ve learned about pain and heartbreak. I hope this gave you some closure of some sorts. I feel in sharing these things, it’s a healing process for sure, but I am glad I am able to help. I am not 100% healed, like I said it takes time, but I am a better person than I was when this started. I really have grown. I honestly didn’t think I would be here today, I am surprised I am alive and typing this to you. I am blessed to live the life I have. I am blessed to have the friends and family who have always been there one way or another. The people who came in my life and left, they were all lessons I needed to learn. They were all tools of God to teach me things. I haven’t gone through the last few years for nothing.

What’s one thing you have learned from pain and/or a heartbreak?

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